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Thanksgiving Combined





The Leadership Council (LC) will host their 2nd annual Thanksgiving dinner for TFC client families this November.  Last year, thanks to your donations, the LC served dinner to 25 families that otherwise would not have been able to afford the meal on their own for Thanksgiving. With 95% of our families living below the federal poverty level, juggling everyday expenses can make it difficult, if not impossible, to meet holiday expenses.  This event brought a smile to the faces of all the individuals in attendance, from the children making crafts, to their parents and caregivers, and perhaps most of all to the LC members and volunteers who helped make the event possible.

Donate today to help provide a holiday meal for those who need it most.

  • $500 provides Thanksgiving dinner for 5 client families
  • $100 provides Thanksgiving dinner for 1 family of four
  • $50 provides Thanksgiving dinner for two children

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If you are interested in learning about and contributing to the Financial Literacy workshops- another initiative created by the Leadership Council- click here.