Health-Management Assistance for HIV/AIDS

Thanks to generous funding from Ryan White Part D, Robin Hood, Pfizer and the Deerfield Foundation, The Family Center has developed highly effective programming that helps our HIV-positive clients and their families stay stronger, longer.

The Family Center team of health experts ensure that HIV-positive clients have access to high-quality medical care, and provide support for clients who experience difficulty managing their provider relationships.  Working with clients to achieve sustainable health, The Family Center focuses on:

  • Level of satisfaction with treatment and health-care providers
  • Impact of illness and treatment on daily life
  • Exploring referrals for new medical services, providers or clinical trials
  • Treatment and medication adherence techniques

In addition to one-on-one services, The Family Center also conducts group interventions, workshops, and research studies aimed at achieving sustainable health for HIV-positive clients.

After six months of receiving our health-management assistance services, HIV-positive clients experience lower viral loads and increased immune health (as evident by higher CD4 counts).  Become a part of this success today.