Social Services

Social Services

Our research has found that children are more likely to remain in safe, stable homes with their biological parents when developmental assessments have been conducted. Family Center social-service, health and early childhood experts conduct a wide variety of assessments in order to provide our client families with appropriate, high-quality services that keep them stronger, longer.

The Family Center social services are carefully designed to keep New York’s vulnerable families stronger, longer.  Our social workers, health educators and family therapists adhere to the highest level of professionalism while collaborating with clients in respectful partnerships aimed at achieving long-term family stability.

Generating proven results, our social service experts work with clients to achieve stability for their families with services in these areas:

Trademarks of The Family Center’s work include at-home visits and coordinated support strategies.  Working with us, clients realize their potential and achieve sustainable results for their children and families.

Join us now in keeping vulnerable families stronger, longer.