Parenting and Child Development

Google volunteer shares the joy of reading with a Family Center child.

The Family Center ESLS, or Early Support for Lifelong Success, program specifically targets the well-being, permanency, school readiness, and safety of children, ages 0-10, who were exposed to HIV and/or substances in the womb.  Our child development specialists forge collaborative, respectful partnerships with each family –together, they focus on:

  • Child development
  • Education advocacy
  • Play therapy
  • Benefits assistance

Working to stay stronger, longer, families and young children receiving The Family Center ESLS services strive to achieve:

  • Children meeting or making progress toward age-appropriate developmental milestones and educational goals
  • Increased parental involvement in educational activities of children
  • A home environment that it is physically and psychologically safe for children

The Family Center program evaluations have found that after receiving our intervention services, parents and caregivers of young children are less likely to be depressed.  Healthier, less-depressed parents and caregivers have more time to devote to keeping their families stronger, longer.  We thank the federal Abandoned Infants Assistance Program at the Children’s Bureau, as well as generous private funders like the Deerfield Foundation, for making this success possible for families.

Join us today to help New York’s youngest and most vulnerable grow up in families that stay stronger, longer.