Our Boards

Strong leadership means strong families.

  • Mark & AYC
  • Barbara and Alantheia Celebrate Family
  • Abby Simon and LC Friends
  • Antonio & Mark

Our leadership gives us the guidance and support we need to provide the best possible services to New Yorkers. Our goal is to be a sustainable agency that vulnerable families in the city can rely on for support when needed most. Our Boards support this goal, and work with us every step of the way to achieve it.

  • Board of Directors

    Shamoun Afram, Chair
    Joel Field III, Vice Chair
    Corey DeForrest, Treasurer
    Barbara Blakney
    Antonio Gonzalez
    Kristopher Hopkins
    Richard Osterweil
    Emily Parapanov
    Marika Pritchett-Casey
    Nyala Spellman

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  • Leadership Council

    Ansley Galjour, Co-Chair
    Lane Roney, Co-Chair
    Zeynep Imre, Fundraising Chair
    Nicole Jala
    Chris Lanza
    Michele Narbonne
    Bonnie O’Callaghan
    Lindsey Pratt
    John Rothmeier
    Simon Shewmaker
    Sarah Stone

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  • Advisory Board

    Barbara Andres
    Roma Downey
    Barbara Draimin, DSW
    Suzy Franczak-Davis
    Robin F. Goodman, PhD
    Bill T. Jones
    John Kander
    Aren LeeKong
    David S. Mazza, MD
    Minesh P. Mistry
    Joseph Ruggiero, MD
    Robert Scott
    Grant Shaud
    Joseph Tringali, Esq.

  • Ethics Committee

    Francine Cournos, MD
    Marc Fleisher, JD
    Carol Levine
    Kathy Powderly, PhD
    Judge Stewart Weinstein