TFC Leads in Healthier Brooklyn

The Family Center’s B-SWEL Project Director, Brett Klein, was featured on this month’s blog, “In the Spotlight” posted by We Are All Brooklyn. Funded by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, WAAB brings together leaders from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to solve quality-of-life issues affecting Brooklyn communities. As a 2011 WAAB fellow, Brett is expanding her knowledge on how to help communities share resources, manage dynamic tensions, and collaborate on solving problems.

“Being a Leadership Fellow has allowed me to meet, connect and learn from amazing people working throughout the borough of Brooklyn,” says Brett.

Under Brett’s leadership in 2011, The Family Center’s B-SWEL diabetes treatment and prevention program offered screening and provided a range of interventions for Brooklynites facing diabetes. The B-SWEL team conducts community screening, cooking classes, health & wellness workshops, a weight loss support group, and a walking club to address the high rates of diabetes and obesity in the borough.  The valuable tools Brett is gaining as a WAAB Fellow will help her build B-SWEL as she helps The Family Center keep Brooklyn families stronger, longer.