TFC Hits the Runway at JFK

Members of TFC's JFK Runway Run 2014 Team

Members of TFC’s JFK Runway Run 2014 Team

On Sunday, April 6th, three Family Center Board members, four staff members, and at least twelve more enthusiastic TFC supporters joined the 2014 JFK Runway Run with over 1,100 other runners.  As our team hit the tarmac, planes took off and landed, flying right over our awe-struck runners’ heads.

Thanks to their generous friends, family and coworkers, Board members Shamoun Afram, Mark Boyer and Andrew Costagliola collectively raised over $13,000 in support of The Family Center’s work keeping families stronger, longer.  While Andrew just recently joined our Board, this was Shamoun and Mark’s 2nd year in a row at the JFK Runway Run.  We are grateful to all three Board members and their very generous contacts who sponsored their fun, healthy and creative fundraising campaigns!

Runners waiting for the Run to start had a great view of JFK air traffic!

You still have time to support a Family Center Board member’s dedication to our client families and their children:

Many thanks to our Board members, everyone who donated and all our JFK Runway runners!  We can’t wait to see what 2015’s JFK Runway Run will bring!




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Shamoun & Mark Buddy Hold  Teamwork in front of the plane  Running in front of the plane   Shamoun and Mark selfie before plane on runway

Plane landing