Lindsey Wilson’s Human Heart Tour Comes to TFC

Lindsey and Reggie enchanting Family Center clients and staff.

Lindsey and Reggie enchanting Family Center clients and staff.

Beloved Family Center supporter and accomplished performer Lindsey Wilson, who has previously performed at our Three of Hearts fundraiser concert, brought her new Human Heart Tour to our Brooklyn office this past Friday, June 27th.  Our clients and staff enjoyed rocking out to her guitar-playing and melodious vocals, juxtaposed and complimented by the fabulous beats of drummer Reggie Sylvester.  The intimate concert not only entertained, but also educated clients, who had questions about Lindsey’s style, which she describes as “expansive.”

While everyone at The Family Center now agrees that “expansive” music is their favorite genre, no one could agree on their favorite song of Lindsey’s -there were just too many musical gems to count!  Many thanks to Lindsey and Reggie for sharing their impressive talents with The Family Center!  We will always consider you two part of the family!

Lindsey’s next performance Lindsey Wilson & The Big Guns is on Thursday, July 24, at ShapeShifter Lab, 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY at 7PM.  Tickets are $10 / $8 Seniors


Human Heart Tour 2014Human Heart Tour: Its Purpose in Lindsey’s Words
It takes many human hearts to build a village, just as it takes a village to raise a child. Through song and goodwill, The Lindsey Wilson’s Human Hearts Tour uplifts and supports community based organizations that support and provide for others within the community.

Very often those behind the scenes of the non-profit organizations are so tirelessly dedicated to their mission to serve that they can’t afford to stop and take their well-deserved bow for the contributions or tremendous impact they’ve made on the very community that they serve.

For that reason, the Human Heart Tour is my way of saying “thank you” for making a difference in so many ways for so many lives. During the tour, I will perform my original songs for staff and their clients with the hopes of encouraging  and showing appreciation  for those whose contribution continues to make a difference!

About Lindsey Wilson
Lindsey Wilson is a singer-songwriter with a flare for nostalgia with her memorable mix of 70’s style urban folk rock and conscious lyrics.  In 2012, Lindsey released her first EP of original compositions: Songs in the Key of 9.

The One and Only Outstanding Lindsey Wilson

The One and Only Outstanding Lindsey Wilson

Throughout her career, Lindsey Wilson has embraced issues of the heart and mind within her original music. Love songs, protest tunes and lyrics of empowerment have all been a true representation of her style and sensibilities. Her influences stem from a myriad of musically conscious voices that spanned the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era such as Odetta, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell,  Joan Armatrading, Carole King and Karen Carpenter.  But, Lindsey’s style is her own!

​In her musical career, Lindsey has performed at some of New York’s most popular venues, such as Joe’s Pub, The Living Room, BBKings, Arlene’s Grocery, Shrine NYC, CBGBs,

You can also see Lindsey in the comedy web series MEG RAMSEY directed by filmmaker Theresa Brown. Lindsey stars as Meg Ramsey, a woman who courageously leaves corporate America to follow her dreams as a singer-songwriter.  The series has launched its second season and can be seen on YouTube and

About Reggie Sylvester
Reggie Sylvester and Lindsey Wilson met in 2010. Lindsey was looking for a drummer to perform at Joe’s Pub for the Three of Hearts Benefit Concert for The Family Center. Reg was available and the two creatives have been performing together ever since!  Currently, you can see Reggie perform along side jazz guitarist, Bern Nix of Ornette Coleman Prime Time who played with Coleman from 1975-1987. Bern Nix now leads The Bern Nix Quartet in New York City to which Reggie Sylvester is principle drummer.