Rediscovering Beautiful Spirits

TFC’s Early Support for Lifelong Success team organized A Women’s Appreciation Day on March 27th at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.  The event, co-created by Lincoln Case Worker Evelyn de la Cruz, hosted nearly a dozen mothers being served through Lincoln Hospital.  Artists from MAC cosmetics brought their brushes and talents to give these women some of their first-ever celebrity makeovers, resulting in beautifully uplifting transformations.  Though TFC has worked with Lincoln Hospital in the past, this is the first collaborative event, and with rave reviews from Evelyn, as seen in the video, there is definitely the potential for more fabulous, beautiful fun in the future!


Finished Product & Artist

Lydia & her MAC artist, Catherine

MakeUp Table

The Make Up Table

MAC, Staff & ESLS2

ESLS & Lincoln staff with MAC artists


MAC Artists

MakeUp in Line

The line of Makeovers

Work on the Eyes

Bringing out the beauty in her eyes