Our Legal Team has a New Name!

LWI LogoFor over twenty years, The Family Center’s Department of Legal Services provided representation to New York City’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities.  Over the last several years, we’ve seen those communities change.

At one time, we served dozens of clients a year.  Now, we serve thousands.  In the past, we only did transactional work for clients.  Now, we represent clients in a wide variety of litigation in courts across the City.  Our attorneys are in court every day of the week.

Our clients changed.  Our work changed.  It’s time our name reflects who we are and what we do, now.  We are a boutique law department which provides quality civil legal representation to individuals, families and caregivers.  We work with those who are ill and those who attend to them.  We are experts in numerous areas of civil representation and we fight every day for those who cannot.

We are the Legal Wellness Institute.  Justice matters.

In the coming months. check back to see our new website, our new offerings and our new media, publications and events.

Click here to read our announcement about this change.