TFC Celebrates a Quarter Century of Keeping NYC Families Stronger, Longer


We are turning 25 years-old this year!

In 1994, The Family Center was founded to answer the child's question, "Who will take care of me?"  HIV/AIDS was devastating NYC families and leaving children without parents.  Four women working in NYC government at the newly created AIDS Services Division decided that something must be done -and The Family Center was born!

A quarter century later, The Family Center is still thriving and achieving outcomes on behalf of vulnerable NYC children and families.  Our mission has evolved, as we recognized that our model of providing vulnerable families with a team of experts to support them works for families impacted by any illness, crisis or loss.

Today our mission is to strengthen families affected by illness, crisis or loss to create a more secure present and future for their children and all family members.

At The Family Center, we keep families stronger, longer.

Won't you join us in this work and help us achieve more outcomes for families in our next quarter-century?