Maggie Jiang on TFC’s Board

Maggie Jiang has proudly served on the Board of Directors of The Family Center since 2018.
Join her in supporting our work to keep vulnerable families stronger, longer!

"Where there are people left behind, there is a non-profit like The Family Center, with social consciousness, love, and dedication..."

"The Family Center lies at the crossroads of healthcare and social justice... during COVID-19, our work becomes more important and I hope more can join us..."
The Family Center provides integrated social, legal and health services:
  • 95% of Family Center clients are people of color.
  • 85% of children experience symptom reduction after receiving services.
  • Mothers are 240% more likely to return to work or school after receiving services.
Make an investment in the lives of vulnerable NYC children and families.  Donate today.

"Having a diverse board means the appreciation of clients' needs..."