The Positive Life Workshop


Are YOU or someone you LOVE living with HIV?

The Positive Life Workshop is for YOU!

The Positive Life Workshop, or TPLW, helps positive people have a positive life, every day.  For people with HIV, led by people with HIV, TPLW helps you:

  • Live better and healthier with HIV
  • Connect with other people like us
  • Meet friends and get support

100% Free, 100% Confidential.  We meet seven times: 3 hours, twice per week for three and a half weeks.  New workshop cycles start every month.

We cover: access to healthcare, handling stress, reducing symptoms and side effects, how to partner with your doctor, take charge of your health and treatment, share your status safely, and enjoy a safer, better sex life.

For more info, call us at 718-230-1379 ext. 140 or email us at with your name, number and best time to call.
These services are generously funded by the New York City Department of Health.