Stand With Us

The Family Center addresses health and racial injustice.

Stand With Us

The Family Center was founded in 1994 by four women in response to the AIDS epidemic. Meanwhile, they were implicitly responding to another epidemic: institutional racism.

Today, the tragic confluence of COVID-19, unemployment and racial injustice/ over-policing is unavoidably playing out in cities across the country. COVID-19 has impacted the black community more than any other. Many have speculated why: a dismissive healthcare system, poor diet due to food deserts in neighborhoods of color, being relegated to minimum wage “front-line” worker jobs, etc. This speculation reveals truth: COVID-19 is deadlier for the black community than any other community, because racism is lethal.

Despite the inhumane adversities black and brown communities face, they have always persevered to create vibrant, loving families and communities –like The Family Center, where 95% of our clients are people of color. Executive Director and co-founder Ivy Gamble Cobb is a black woman native to Brooklyn. She’s witnessed her Bedford-Stuyvesant community change, as black and brown families are pushed out and housing prices skyrocket.

The Family Center will always stand with the black community. Stand with us: donate today.

Your donation provides direct services healing and empowering communities of color subjected to centuries of racial discrimination and trauma. Invest in the lives of people of color who suffered egregiously while building our country and communities.

Together, we can build a world where black and brown communities have the equality they deserve. 

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