Anti-Bullying: TFC Promotes Youth Healing

At The Family Center, 85% of youth experience symptom reduction within 6 months of receiving our services.   Join us to bring this healing to NYC students impacted by bullying.

According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of all NY students experience ongoing bullying.  Low socioeconomic status is the main predictor of whether young teens in wealthy countries will experience bullying in school.  School bullying, on campus and online, greatly impacts a kids’ mental health and well-being.

Studies have shown that victims of childhood bullying are at risk of poorer outcomes in adulthood, not only for psychological health, but also physical health, cognitive functioning and quality of life.

Nearly 100% of Family Center clients are impacted by social, economic, and mental health issues. Our Irene LeeKong Institute and Brooklyn ACTS programs specialize in children and teen trauma, including that inflicted by school bullying.

Your donation today provides direct services healing and empowering youth subjected to school bullying:

Partner with us to heal bullied NYC youth