PrEP stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. It is a medication designed to prevent HIV, with a 99% effectiveness rate. PrEP is most effective when taken at least 4 times a week and in conjunction with condoms.

For individuals that are sexually active, it may be important to consider PrEP if:

    • If you engage in unprotected sex 
    • If you have more than one partner 
    • If you are unsure of the status of your partner(s) 
    • If you use substances like alcohol or other drugs before or during sex
    • If you are in a relationship with a positive partner ( who isn’t yet undetectable)
    • You should also consider PrEP if you use and/or share needles for injection drug use

Upon using PrEP, quarterly blood tests will be taken to ensure PrEP is not negatively affecting your kidneys or liver.  

A licensed Health Care provider will be able to prescribe PrEP to you. If for some reason your provider cannot provide you with the appropriate lab tests and/or a PrEP prescription, you can always ask for a referral or use AIDS Institute NY Provider Directory to find a provider that can. 

Most insurances, including Medicaid, will cover PrEP. If you are worried that your insurance won’t cover the cost of PrEP, the following may be able to help:

If you’re insured but are worried about paying for the co-pay, the following may be able to help:

If you do not have insurance and need help paying for visits and lab work you can still receive PrEP through:

PrEP information is provided by The Family Center's new HIV provider training team. Click here to learn more about this the new programming.