We work to keep New York families stronger, longer

The Family Center’s mission is to strengthen families affected by crisis, illness or loss to create a more secure present and future for their children.

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What We Do

Family Support

Generating proven results, our experts deliver evidence-based services.

Family Support

Learn about our outcomes-driven programming.

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Legal Wellness Institute

Navigating legal issues such as eviction or child custody can be daunting.


Our attorneys achieve positive, sustainable results in and out of court.

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Health Education

HIV-positive New Yorkers & their families achieve health maintenance.


Addressing HIV is a cornerstone of our work.

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Mental & Behavioral Health

Critical, life-affirming counseling for children, teens and their families.

Counseling & More

Clinicians deliver effective psychological & psychiatric services.

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Video Spotlight

Tammara never imagined she would lose her daughter at such a young age on her birthday, which happened to fall on Thanksgiving that year. Now as the guardian of her two grandchildren, they are working through their traumatic loss with the assistance of The Family Center. Watch their story.

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The Family Center Mission

The Family Center works to strengthen families affected by illness, crisis, or
loss to create a more secure present and future for their children. Working with us, families stay stronger, longer.