COVID-19 Relief Updates

The Family Center’s work continues in the midst of this NYC public health crisis. In fact, our expert staff are doing more than ever to serve our client families and their children and to connect them to resources. We are only able to do this thanks to the donors supporting our COVID-19 Relief work.

On a call with our Youth Advisory Board during the beginning of this epidemic in NYC, The Family Center noted that teens described their stress level as a "10 out of 10" and their respective caregivers' stress levels to be equivalent.

The NYS Governor's 2020 Executive Order designated our agency an Essential Business Entity for exactly this reason: New Yorkers need The Family Center now more than ever.

The Family Center continues to serve New Yorkers and their families:

  • All services are being provided remotely and/ or in-person.  Intake has remained open for every program. Click here if you would like help or know someone who needs help.
  • Our Irene LeeKong Health & Wellness Institute psychiatrist is conducting evaluations and prescribing medication when necessary.
  • Our Legal Wellness Institute intake line of (718) 789-3841 ext. 150 is being answered live, and we are still available to provide legal services to New Yorkers affected by serious illness, including those directly affected by COVID-19.  Attorneys are also representing our clients in court, not that the courts have reopened.
  • Our social workers and clinicians continue to connect with clients via audio/ video as often as possible in order to assess their health and well-being, and reduce any isolation an individual or family is feeling.
  • Group programming is keeping clients connected: we launched several therapeutic support groups in 2020; they continue. The focus of each group is different: general COVID-19 connectedness/ support group, teen online games and activities, mindfulness and meditation, and more.