Our Top Ten

  1. In 2022, we served over 2,300 client families.
  2. Our Pfizer-funded research study demonstrated that HIV-positive clients receiving our services achieve higher CD4 counts and lower viral loads.
  3. Our Legal Wellness Institute attorneys saved taxpayers, and won in verdicts and settlements for clients, in excess of $3.5 million in 2022.
  4. Family Center clients -and their family members- experience reduced hospitalizations after 18 months of health education services.
  5. Research has shown that HIV-positive parents and caregivers are less depressed and able to provide more intellectually-stimulating homes for their children after working with The Family Center.
  6. The Positive Life Workshop exceeded its service referral targets by over 280% in 2022 -meaning more New Yorkers living with the virus were connected to food, housing and other resources.
  7. 96% of the client families we serve live below the poverty line. 90% percent of them are headed by single mothers, with 10% headed by single fathers. 48% of clients are African American, 46% are Latino, 5% are Caucasian, and 1% are Asian.
  8. In 2022, our attorneys worked on over 1,000 legal cases for New Yorkers.  Income and housing security, insurance coverage, completed advanced directives and legalized plans for children, whose parent or caregiver is very ill, are notable outcomes of these services.
  9. Family Center staff are bilingual in multiple languages including Spanish, Creole, French, Korean and more.
  10. All of The Family Center services are confidential and offered in all five New York City boroughs. Many of our social, legal and health management services are provided in the client family’s home.