Family Support Services

We keep families stronger, longer with services including:

  • Permanency Planning
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Group Activities and Events
  • Parenting Support
  • Benefits Assistance
  • Cross-Referrals to Other Agencies
Family Support Services

Family Center research has found that people living with HIV, who have a confidant, enjoy better mental health. As a result, we not only offer counseling to HIV-positive clients, but also pair HIV-positive clients adherent to their medication regimes with HIV-positive clients who struggle with adherence. This not only improves health outcomes for our clients, but keeps their families stronger, longer.

Support The Family Center’s work achieving outcomes for vulnerable New Yorkers.

Breast-Cancer Affected Individuals & Families

JALBCA-Funded Programs: The Maite Aquino Program & The Judge Judith Kaye Project

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HIV-Impacted Individuals & Families

Family Stabilization & Counseling Program

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Kinship Caregivers

Family Ties

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