The Maite Aquino Program

Sisters who lost their mother to breast cancer and receive services through The Maite Aquino Program at The Family Center.

They are now being raised by their grandmother, thanks to Family Center attorneys working in The Maite Aquino Program.

The Maite Aquino Program at The Family Center provides comprehensive legal, social and health services to low-income, minority NYC mothers affected by breast cancer, and their very young children, as well as other family members. The Program annually serves 105 women, who are living below the federal poverty line, struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and raising young children.

In addition to their breast cancer diagnosis, Maite Aquino Program clients face multiple stressors including depression, domestic violence, and stigma. The combined and cumulative effects of these stressors impede the efforts of these young mothers to provide safe, stable home environments for their families.

Since 2012, 394 breast cancer-affected mothers, and 506 of their young children, have received expert legal, social and health services at The Family Center in memory of Maite Aquino.

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