Behavioral Health

It is hard to be your best self when you are feeling sad, worried, unfocused or out of control. Emotional and psychological problems can keep us from taking care of ourselves and can get in the way of our relationships and our success in school or work. They can also contribute to other problems, like financial stress or health issues. In children, these feelings can cause difficult, disruptive or even dangerous behaviors.

The Family Center offers expert services to help adults, children and families to overcome emotional health challenges. We are also able to offer some services in the home.

Recovery Support for Brooklyn Women

Brooklyn Women Enjoying Life

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Counseling for People Living with HIV

Family Stabilization & Counseling Program

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Trauma-Exposed Children

Brooklyn ACTS

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Mental Health Counseling for Children & Families

LeeKong Institute at TFC

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The Family Center has special expertise in:

  • Understanding and treating behavioral issues in children

  • Working with adults and children who have experienced trauma

  • Improving family dynamics

  • Grief and loss

  • Managing co-occuring medical and mental health conditions

  • Addressing barriers to sobriety or safer substance use

  • Medication Management for children and adolescents