Duane Reade Helps New York Family Rebuild Life & Home

Duane Reade is more than just New York City’s largest and most favored pharmacy.  While most New Yorkers think of Duane Reade as their local drugstore, The Family Center knows that Duane Reade is a compassionate force working to improve the lives of families in our city through the Duane Reade Charitable Foundation.

For the last three years, Duane Reade has awarded The Family Center a generous grant to fund our health support services.  More recently, New York’s favorite pharmacy donated a truckload of beautiful furniture to a family that just left the shelter system and began receiving our services.

The Family Center and our family, who received this help rebuilding their life and home, are overwhelming grateful for Duane Reade’s dedicated generosity.  We are thrilled that The Family Center – Duane Reade partnership is not only keeping New York families healthy, but also improving their lives and community.