Child Only Grant

If you’re raising a child not your own in New York, you may be entitled to special financial benefits. Also referred to as the ‘Non-Parent Caregiver Grant’, individuals can receive a monthly cash grant for each child they are caring for regardless of income. If you are caring for a minor child not your own full time, read on!

Who is eligible?

  1. Only the child or children’s income is relevant in the application.
  2. You do not need to have legal custody or guardianship of the child.
  3. The parent of the child must not be living with you, unless the parent takes on no parental responsibilities for the child.

How do I Apply?

  • The application used for Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance and Medical Assistance is the same application you will use to apply for the Child Only Grant.
  • Go into your designated Human Resource Administration (HRA) Job Center and apply in person. If you are already on public assistance, you may add the child/ren in question to your current budget and then apply for the grant as well.
  • You must be honest in the application and fill it out completely or you will not be able to apply. You will be asked about your own income. You must provide all information about your income even though it doesn’t change your eligibility.

What should I bring to the Job Center?

  1. Birth Certificate(s)
  2. Social Security Card(s)
  3. Proof of Legal Custody or Guardianship or proof of the petition for Custody/Guardianship, Standby Guardianship Designation or parental affidavit
  4. Proof of child’s income (if any)
  5. School verification for child(ren) in school (if applicable)

What can I get?

If you’re eligible for the grant, you will receive an average of $400/month for one child and a little more than $100 for every additional child. The exact number varies based on the financial need for the child(ren) and the amount of rent they would be responsible for, if they had the income to pay their portion.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. If the parents can be located, DHS will look to receive child support for the children on your behalf
  2. If you are eligible to receive the non-parent grant, your child will be automatically eligible to receive Medicaid as well
  3. You cannot adopt the child and continue to receive this specific grant.

If you live in New York City and you have questions, or you are told the grant does not exist or that you are not eligible, call The Family Center immediately at (718) 230-1379 ext. 150.

*For a letter about the Non-Parent Caregiver Grant from HRA, click on this link:

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