Yellow Rose Prom Project

Sarah Stone

Shaun with her mom

The Family Center is collaborating with Shauna for the 4th consecutive year to bring The Yellow Rose Prom Project to our youth.

Shauna envisioned The Yellow Rose Prom Project when she first visited The Family Center in 2015. Upon learning that our agency was created by four women working with mothers living with life-threatening illnesses, and having lost her own mother at an early age, Shauna felt her encounter with The Family Center was destiny.

Every spring, Shauna donates her time, energy, and resources to young adults -who are doing well in school but missing their parents- so that they have an opportunity to heal through a fun, recreational prom experience.

This year’s participant is Malik.  Malik participates in the NYPD Explorers program that provides young men and women an introduction to a career in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.  With the Explorers program, Malik learns teamwork and leadership skills, which he utilizes while volunteering within the community.  He is also part of the two-time Emmy award-winning Gospel for Teens choir and starred in his school's theatrical rendition of Bring It On.  Most importantly, Malik assists his grandmother with caring for his older brother who has autism.

Most recently, Malik was accepted to Virginia State University, his top choice college.  College, however is not cheap and the expense of tuition is a concern for his family.  Additional funds raised through The Yellow Rose Prom Project will go directly toward Malik's tuition and other college expenses!