LWI Hosts First Legal Fundraiser

On Wednesday, March 30th, The Family Center’s Legal Wellness Institute (LWI) celebrated its attorneys’ incredibly impactful work at a fundraiser held at Brooklyn Winery.

The fundraiser was the first hosted by the team and featured vintage wines, craft beers and hors d’oeuvres, as Family Center clients told stories of their time working with our talented attorneys.

Theresa recounted LWI attorneys helping her divorce an abusive husband and receive benefits for her daughter, who struggles with mental health challenges.  Renata rejoiced over the fact that Bronx Science recently accepted her Jakub, for whom LWI attorneys helped her secure guardianship after his father’s death.  Jason expressed his gratitude to LWI for our attorneys’ work that allowed his mother to stay in her home during the last days of her life.

Thank you to our sponsors- Eversource Energy and Pfizer Oncology- for supporting our attorneys’ continuous work assisting our clients.



pfizer oncology




Funds raised through sponsorships, ticket sales and donations help LWI continue to serve New Yorkers.  In 2015, LWI served over 2,100 such New Yorkers and had an economic impact of over $6 million in settlements and verdicts to clients, as well as savings to taxpayers.  Photos for the night’s festivities are included below.

If you were not able to attend this event, but would like to support the work our attorneys do, please donate here.


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