Lessons in Personal Safety

Debbie at a session of the self-defense class.

Debbie at a session of the self-defense course.        Photo credit:  Hanan Ohayon

This March, our Board member Debbie Atuk is sponsoring a self-defense course for Family Center clients.  In addition to raising funds for the course by soliciting her contacts, Debbie recruited Therapeutic Exercise Specialist Glenn Freeman, who also has expertise in self-defense skills and safety awareness.  Glenn has trained MTA officers in how to stay safe on the job, so Debbie and our clients were sure that they could learn some techniques from him.

And Family Center clients are learning!  Participating clients gained basic safety awareness knowledge, in addition to maneuvering out of choke-holds -and much more.  Who knew that safety could be so much fun?

Safety can be fun!

Safety can be fun!  Photo credit: Hanan Ohayon

Family Center clients are grateful to Debbie for not only her guidance of our agency, but also for sponsoring this course.  Multiple the gratitude by two, as everyone is also thankful to Glenn for sharing his expertise and helping our client families stay not only stronger, longer, but also safe!

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