Lori’s Glorious 60th Gift

Dear Family & Friends,
This year will mark the 60th birthday (June 30th) of our beloved, Lori Denise Mapp-Green. In memory of Lori's vibrant life and love, we are inspired to celebrate and remember her and what she meant to us.
Lori loved children, shopping, travel, and her family and friends. This year we want to celebrate Lori's legacy in a magnificent way. With that said, we have selected The Family Center, located in the heart of Brooklyn to assist three children and their families with proceeds from the "Lori's Glorious" 60th Fundraiser. Because of Lori's big heart for people, we ask that you join us and help those in need.
By completing the below form, you can donate to The Family Center. Your donation will help three individual children and their families in memory of Lori, who was a loving daughter, wife, mother, sister, relative, and friend to many.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.