Celebrate Keith’s Birthday & All-Around Awesomeness!

Keith is turning ferocious five on February 2, 2018!

As a family, we decided that going forward into 2018, we are putting more emphasis on what's really important in our lives which is quality time with our loved ones, more experiences, more kindness, less materialism, and being a blessing to others.

Keith loves celebrating his birthday with his family and friends, eating cake, and having fun.

We would appreciate it if our friends and family celebrate Keith by donating to the Family Center, an agency that helps children in NYC who are not only living in severe poverty, but also most of these children have experienced severe trauma in their young lives.

We chose The Family Center for a few reasons: I (Tiffany, mom of Keith) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and although I call Chicago home, I am and will always be a Brooklyn girl at heart. My aunt, Ivy Gamble Cobb is the Executive Director and one of the founders of this amazing organization. I've had the honor and privilege of witnessing first-hand, the work and the impact that The Family Center has made in the city of New York.

I hope that you all will celebrate Keith's 5th birthday -and if you are able please consider a donation to this great organization in honor of Keith's birthday!