The LC Presents The 2017 Holiday Party

Annually The Family Center serves 2,500 vulnerable NYC families with social, legal, and mental health services.  Our clients, most often living below the federal poverty level, strive to provide for their children despite their tremendous financial disadvantages. The inability to provide for their children along with affording daily living expenses can make the holiday seasons very difficult for our client families.  Because of this, The Family Center brings the holiday spirit to every client child with a holiday party including gifts, food, and Santa.

This year the Leadership Council (LC) is helping to fund this event, which includes food, arts and crafts, and a space.  Please bring this special event to over 1,500 children, who otherwise may not have a holiday celebration.  This event gives our children much needed time to forget their families' daily struggles  and allows them to just be children, which every child deserves.  

  • $1,500

    Covers the movers needed to pick up toys and transport them to the Holiday Party venue

  • $1,000

    Covers the cost of holiday snacks for the hundreds of children attending the Holiday Party

  • $500

    Cover ths cost of at least two arts & crafts activities for the children and families attending the Holiday Party

  • $250

    Covers the cost of printing "wish cards" that feature the holiday wishes of children at The Family Center. Employees of our corporate Toy Drive sponsors use these cards to go shopping and fulfill our children's wishes!

  • $100

    Covers the cost of transportation for 5 client families attending the Holiday Party