Lions and Tigers and Goldman Sachs, oh my!

Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks volunteers joined The Family Center’s children and families at the Bronx Zoo for an exciting day on Saturday, June 18th. With many of our little ones arriving at the gate wearing animal masks and making animal sounds, eager to see their favorite monkeys, snakes, and the like – everyone knew they were in for a wild adventure! Countless expressions of “ooh,” “ahh,” “look over here!” and “what is that?!” filled the day as Community TeamWorks volunteers accompanied the families from Wild Asia to Tiger Mountain and various foreign lands in between. The leaping lemurs of Madagascar proved to be a favorite, along with the Fly River turtles of Jungle World and Dora and Diego’s 4-D Adventure theater. Although the sun was hot at times and some little feet grew weary towards the end of the day, everyone seemed to agree that the privilege of witnessing a child’s first glimpse of a rhinoceros, a gorilla, or their first chance to feed a llama or goat, made it all worthwhile. On behalf of our children and families, The Family Center expresses a giant, elephant-sized thank you to our friends at Goldman Sachs for making this wonderful event possible.