National Mentoring Month: Carlton & Thomas

For National Mentoring Month, The Family Center’s Just Buddies program will be sharing a story a week from our buddy pairs. Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Request more information. Continue reading for this week’s story! Below are pictures of several of our buddy pairs.

Carlton is a 15 year old teen who resides with his sister since his mother passed away two years ago. Carlton has been matched with his mentor Thomas for over three years. Although Carlton has a physical disability he and his buddy participate in activities such as playing pool, going to the park to talk, baseball games and watching football games on television. At a recent group gathering Carlton stated, “I enjoy spending time with my buddy even when we don’t do anything. Just talking to him is fun because he is a funny guy”. Thomas attended Carlton’s Junior High School graduation and was introduced to some of his teachers. He was pleased to learn that Carlton had expressed to them how much he enjoys spending time with his mentor.