TFC Brings Families & Community Members Together

As 2017 nears a close, The Family Center is working harder than ever to bring families and community members together.  We have a long list of groups meeting these days and wanted to share it.

Groups that have been meeting for some time and will continue to meet include:

  • Caregivers’ Corner provides support and resources to kinship families and adoptive parents, or any family in which the children are not being raised by their biological parents.  Day and night sessions reduce caregivers’ isolation.
  • FUL, which stands for Familia Unida Latina, brings together monolingual Spanish speaking New Yorkers, who are living with life threatening illnesses.
  • LGBTQ Dinner Series offers a welcoming, non-judgmental space for New Yorkers within the LGBTQ community to come together and share a meal on a monthly basis.
  • Project Sunshine is a collaboration with another NYC nonprofit that brings volunteers to The Family Center for arts and crafts and Saturday afternoon snacks with our clients’ children.
  • Women’s Recovery provides support and resources to Brooklyn women struggling with substance use.

Three new groups opening up this month, November 2017, include:

  • Anger Management is back, and has a great track record, as previous group cycles have helped participants return to school and more!
  • Creative Expressions offers women, who are receiving Family Center services. a space to explore their creative talents and skills.
  • Journey through Grief is a bereavement group providing support to those experiencing loss.  This group is open to interested community members; please call Robyn at ext.185 and reference the flyer featured on this page.

Come 2018, The Family Center expects to offer a number of additional groups for children and teens.  They include everything from dance classes to stress management workshops.

For more information on Family Center programming, and to find out if you are eligible for services, please call (718) 230-1379.

To find out more about sponsoring a group, or how to make a donation to support a group, please contact Aileen Parker, Director of Development & Communications at