Another Successful Parenting Support Group

The Family Center has just wrapped up another cycle of our virtual Parenting Journey group. It was 12 sessions of laughter, tears, introspection and community. As our parents worked through some difficult topics and discussions, we definitely grew closer in our shared commitment to raising the future leaders of tomorrow. 

For those who are unaware, Parenting Journey is a 12 session support group that discusses parenting from a deeply-rooted and introspective approach. Each session starts with a warm up that encourages participants to practice self-care and reflect on the previous week. Then, various activities are introduced to encourage further conversation about a

particular topic. Activities range from writing a letter to a caretaker from your childhood to thinking about what worked in how you were raised and what didn’t. It’s an opportunity to share your stories, ask questions, get suggestions from other parents, and discuss intergenerational trauma and its impact in our lives. The main focus of Parenting Journey is to reflect on both positive and negative techniques of parenting that may have been taught to us and how to unlearn and undo some of those things. It’s fun, deep, emotional and informative. 

We look forward to seeing you in our next cycle of Parenting Journey in early 2022. For further information and/or to make a referral, please feel free to reach out to the intake department at or at 718-230-1379 Ext 140. 

-Trish Jean-Louis, TFC Family Stabilization & Support Team Supervisor

* Pictures were taken during a picnic hosted by Trish's team for Kinship Caregivers and Parenting Journey participants in 2021.